425 Business Magazine

The Big Cheese (aka Amy Hanson) featured in 425 Business Magazine

Professional headshots of Seattle business woman Amy Hanson photographed by Studio B photographer Brooke Clark_0254.jpg We have awesome clients that are moving and shaking things up in Seattle's business community in super impressive ways. Whenever I get the chance to do headshots or business portfolios for these folks...I always count myself so lucky because I get to soak up all of their entrepreneurship mojo :D One of those overachievers is Amy Hanson -- seen in this months February issue of 425 Business Magazine. She hands-down has my favorite opening line to her executive bio ever. It begins...

"We call her the Head Honcho or the Big Cheese. (Okay, we don’t call her either of those things because she is super-down-to-earth" 

Heehee...I actually might call her one of those things the next time we get together! I adore her -- I mean I literally just have mad adoration for what she has built as CEO of her consulting company and for her as an all-around lovely human being (and Mom.)  :D