425 Magazine photo shoot

Did You See the Campbell Family in 425 Magazine?

We live for the epic moment that is created when everyone is together and the mood is right!  It was our joy to photograph the Campbell family and feature them in the fashion issue and September edition of 425 Mazazine...you don't want to miss out on their fabulous cliff side shoot!

425 Magazine_Family_September2018 copy.jpg

Check out the behind the scenes moment from the Campbell's Dream Family Portrait session!

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Faking Fabulous with Alexandra Hedin

Faking Fabulous_425 Magazine March 2014a_StudioBportraits_0003.jpg Faking Fabulous_425 Magazine March 2014_StudioBportraits_0004.jpg Another fantastic shoot with 425's Entertainment Editor Alexandra Hedin --  and...she did it again with her new spread in the magazine's March/April edition "Faking Fabulous...Creating a Birthday Celebration in a Snap" because who doesn't want an invite to this birthday bash? I mean WOW, the whole look is just so contemporary, coordinated and polished!  I love shooting with Ali because she always makes it so stupidly simple to make great images together...and since there were no bee stings on this shoot (see last photo shoot debacle) I felt like we were 10x's more likely to be successful ;-)  If I'm super honest -- I don't think I was as inspired to try a DIY of this look as much as I was inspired to HIRE someone else to do it for me!!! (Is this where I mention again...I'm a TERRIBLE cook)