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How to Capture Great Family Pictures whether it rains or shines | Best Family Portraits in Seattle

Best family portraits in Seattle_pretty mom and dad with son_Studio B Portraits_0292.jpgBest family portraits in Seattle_pretty mom and dad with son_Studio B Portraits_0294.jpg Best family portraits in Seattle_pretty mom and dad with son_Studio B Portraits_0291.jpg Best family portraits in Seattle_pretty mom and dad with son_Studio B Portraits_0293.jpg

This amazing set of family pictures with the Friedrichsen's is either going to make you super excited that the beautiful Fall leaves are still happening -- OR kind of "bitter party of one" because it's not actually YOU kissing under the gorgeous Autumn colors above.  And to add insult to injury btw and I are one step closer to (cue the announcer voice) "Welcome to Winter...Home to Sideways Rain Seattle" - heehee, I'm actually right with you... I have been meaning to photograph my own family for the last two weeks and it still hasn't happened! clearly I'm always good for a little snarky comment about the weather but there is a total upside -- it honestly doesn't matter....and here's why --   If it rains -- we just shoot in our studio and you are going to look fabulous.  (You can check out our Portfolio of images and you'll see that I'm telling the truth...tons of backdrops, cool's endless)  You might be surprised to hear that when Mom Penny arrived with her fellas for their family session...she was completely open to either outside or inside...her pretty geometric blue dress and the guys coordinating colors were a beautiful compliment for both settings but ultimately we decided that it might be fun to let their sweet baby boy celebrate the season.  And celebrate he did -- the only one more excited than this photogenic 22 month old was his photographer -- I knew before I even clicked the camera that it was going to be magic.

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Summer portrait with sweet sisters | Outdoor Family Pictures near Bellevue WA

Two teen girls in Summer dresses for Outdoor Family PortraitsTwo teen girls in Summer dresses for Outdoor Family Portraits at Studio B in Issaquah WATwo teen girls in Summer dresses for Outdoor Family Portraits Welcome to the easiest family shoot of my entire Summer :-)  Mom brought these sweet sisters in their sundresses for an outdoor photo shoot and honestly it was just SO fun.  The two girls clearly get on beautifully and it was just a ball to pose & play out in the gorgeous Seattle day.  Since "what to wear" for family shoots is ALWAYS the million dollar question...I wanted to make a quick reference to the teen's choice of wardrobe -- coordinated, but not matching floral for Rachel and adorable lace texture for Tori make the portraits look like we photographed them for the pages of Seventeen Magazine!

Best Family Portraits featuring the Gomez Family | Studio B in Issaquah near Seattle

Studio-B-Portraits-great-picture-of-a-Mexican-married-couple-laughing-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-of-three-brothers-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-near-Seattle_Gomez__0928 Loved photographing the Gomez Family (I first met oldest son Joav when I photographed his senior pictures) and I have NEVER in my whole life wished that I paid more attention during my three years of high school Spanish than during this shoot. Why? I mean, everybody spoke English (duh) but when the family was chatting in Spanish it hit me that it was like a metaphorical double dutch rope...I simply could not jump  in :-)  (Sadly, my bilingual proficiency is limited to locating the restroom and ordering my quesadilla at Las Margaritas on Front Street.) that I've gone off on some silly side bar, let me bring it back to the Gomez Family!  We had a pleasant Seattle day that was not covered in sideways rain and wind so we took advantage of shooting outside.  These three boys were SO charming and polite -- I can only hope to raise my new baby boy to be so well mannered!  OH and -- BIG shout out to our Studio B make-up artist Tiffany for Mama's gorgeous camera ready make-up!

Best Family Portraits in Seattle | Holiday Formal with Sophisticated Style | Studio B Portraits, Seattle

Great-Formal-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Seattle-and-BellevueSophisticated-couple-cuddling-during-holiday-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-PortraitsPretty-little-girl-in-black-dress-during-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah_2Pretty-little-girl-in-black-dress-during-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahGreat-holiday-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Bellevue-and-Seattle Hands down this has been my very favorite holiday family portrait season and the beautiful Momotyuk Family is going to be another illustration of why!  First....LOVE FORMAL -- bring on Louboutin, a gorgeous lace dress and a slick tux any day of the week! BUT I especially love formal attire when it comes with a flawless blend of warmth and light from the people wearing it.  Meeting Bogdan and immediately understand how much they like one another (I get that the four children might have been a tip-off too :-) ) -- there is such an obvious affection for not just each other but for their babes as well.  Each member of the family had a chance to be in the spotlight and it was just fun to get to play during their relaxed photo shoot.  YES, I said relaxed!  The beauty of having your kids be ages 6-12 is that the grown-ups don't have to break a sweat. (...A little something for all of you parents of young toddlers to look forward to, right?)  We also added another one of my family favorites from their portrait session on our Facebook page here

Best Holiday Family Portraits in Seattle | Vizquel Family Pictures | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue

Best-family-pictures-in-Seattle-of-Vizquel-Family-Portraits-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WAGreat-family-pictures-of-beautiful-Mom-with-daughters-laughing-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WAGreat-holiday-portraits-of-teenagers-in-formal-clothes-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WABest-family-pictures-in-Seattle-of-formal-holiday-portraits-featuring-kids-at-Studio-B Every year I look forward to photographing the Vizquel Holiday Family Portraits... Mom Nicole has been bringing her beautiful kids to see me since my very first studio that I had at Gilman Village (that studio was the size of a walk-in closet by the way and the fact that she believed in me and my art from the beginning is something that I'll never forget)  This family never fails to crack me up...they are likely the closest thing to a reality TV show that I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with in real life.  First they are clearly all ascetically blessed (yeah for me and getting to photograph them) but it's the personality and dynamic among them that has me smiling throughout the entire photo shoot.  (Please note the kung-fu grip that young Caylee has on this sweet puppy above...THAT is a lot of love for one small dog :-) )

Best Family Pictures | Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme | Studio B Portraits

Formal-holiday-pictures-inspired-by-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys-for-Studio-B-PortraitsBest-family-portrait-in-Seattle-of-formal-family-in-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys-themeBreakfast-at-Tiffanys-themed-family-portrait-of-little-girl-and-boy-at-Studio-B-PortraitsLittle-girl-dressed-in-black-tutu-in-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys-theme-for-Studio-B-Portraits Oh just let me count the ways that I adore the Heck Family -- I've had the great joy to photograph this family of five on multiple occasions and it just gets better and better. First -- I've got a kindred spirit in Mom Lisa who enjoys an awesome theme as much as I do :-)  Several weeks ago, she sent me a Audrey Hepburn-esque,"Breakfast at Tiffany's" inspiration photo that she thought would make a great photo shoot (gotta love Pinterest).  Of course I totally agreed and we both set about planning for a fabulous on-location shoot. (She made these gorgeous dresses for her girls by the way) Back to the story...On the day of the family's portrait session...enter Seattle heavy rain showers (cue the wah, wah buzzer)  NO Outside, BUT...No Worries -- Plan B...Luckily, we have our gorgeous new 2012 holiday sets at the studio. So in walks the family looking as fabulous as can be but just in case you think that everything else went as planned -- nope....I had to laugh when Mom tells me that her youngest (and might I mention spunky) daughter who had just left the hair salon promptly pulled out her up-do within minutes of exiting the premises because she didn't like her Princess Bun. ;-)  Clearly none of it mattered -- this shoot was fantastic and I could paper my portfolio in favorites from this photo shoot -- what a ball! Oh and if you're curious to see the family's previous shoots here's a link to both the newborn portrait session and outdoor family portrait session.

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Fun Family Pictures | Behind the Scenes Outtakes | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Smiling-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-photo-shoot-in-IssaquahBest-family-pictures-in-Seattle-at-Studio-B-PortraitsGreat-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah-near-BellevueFunny-family-picture-outtakes-of-couple-with-their-two-year-old-boy This is my second time photographing the oh-so-pretty McGaskey Family of five and as you can was action packed!  Young Cameron is a VERY energetic...and how should I say it?....opinionated little boy.  Let's go ahead and get inside the psyche of a 2 year old shall we?...He had me cracking up...and his parents sweating within the first 5 minute of the shoot.  As soon as I realized what we were all in store for, I told his Dad...if he makes a run for it -- grab him by the ankles and hang him upside down :-) (honestly...I don't know why that is so effective but it usually does the trick for a a frame or two!)  Here's what's hysterical...he wanted NO part of the camera and the set -- until I began to photograph JUST his parents -- then he was all about getting back on set! (exhibit A is here on your right)  Comedy.