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Not Awkward Family Photos at Studio B Portraits featuring the Van Hyning 5 | Issaquah WA near Bellevue

Modern-family-portrait-in-front-of-barn-photographed-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-WABrothers-and-sisters-laughing-during-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahHappy-family-walking-in-Issaquah-during-portrait-session I frequently get asked if each family is attractive and photogenic at Studio B?  I'm guessing the question is actually meant as a compliment because everyone is looking pretty fabulous in their family portraits. have to be really cute to come here.  Totally kidding, it's not a requirement but it does seem to happen a lot -- yeah me!  Since this is my personal blog though, I'm about to let you in on a secret and I'm hoping it doesn't make me sound like an incredibly low achiever to say that I go into every single family portrait with the primary goal of not ending up on that website Awkward Family Photos?  Seriously, I just want everyone to have fun...honest to goodness fun, be silly, cut up -- there is nothing more photogenic (and not awkward :-) ) than joy.  I have photographed each of the Van Hyning kids for their senior pictures and I finally had the opportunity to do a modern family session with them.  Loved Mom Kathryn's choice of fall wardrobe! Embracing the season with autumn colors, scarves, jackets and hats is a family portrait "do."  Oh and for anyone that was curious....this is hands down the best time for outdoor family portraits if you're hoping to do holiday cards and gift giving...colors are pretty and timing is perfect for being ready to gift this season.

Girls Night In Party | Black & Bling Theme | Issaquah WA Portrait Studio

The video says it all for how much fun we had celebrating with Mount Si High School's Kristen for her birthday Black & Bling Girls Night In Party.  I think I was living vicariously through them (there was nothing this cool when I was a teen!)

Contest Winner Announcement!

Giveaway-Contest-Winner-at-Studio-B-Portraits-with-Hotel-Bellevue Congratulations to Madison Stoa, winner of the Great Getaway Photo Shoot Giveaway!  You have won a fabulous prize package that includes a Studio B Portraits on-location photo shoot + an overnight stay at Hotel Bellevue and much more. To claim your prize, please contact the studio within 24 hours at 425-996-8711 or email at

Totally late to the Vin Diesel Party (about 23 million people actually) | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

  Vin Diesel mentioned by photographer Brooke Clark on Studio B Portraits Blog - Issaquah WA portrait studio

I know that at first blush, this may seem like THE most random of posts from me but hang on for just a second and I think you'll see where I am going.  I realized that I was totally late to the Vin Diesel Appreciation Party....apparently 23 million Facebook Fans beat me to it :-)  Don't get me wrong, I knew he was from the Fast and the Furious movies but up until today...I hadn't put a whole lot of thought into him.  I read that he is the actor with the most amount of fans on Facebook and I thought...Really?... Really?  Why? Well I click on over to his page and it took me about 2 seconds to see why folks "like" him.   His posts are personal and engaging, you feel like your getting an insiders peak into his movie-star world.  For me though...completely different reason for loving his page -- PHOTOS!   We photograph a lot of senior pictures for  high school boys that would probably love a template -- a 101 Guide if you will for how to look great in their senior portraits.  Of course the first place we send them is to our Studio B Seniors website but just looking at the assortment of Vin Diesel's cool, confident, casual, athletic and dressy personas made me think...we might just have to click them over to his Facebook photo album instead :-) I'm a fan!