Mother's Day

Best Mother’s Day gift idea ever…

Looking for the Best Mother’s Day gift idea ever! Treat her to a Mom + Me Experience at Studio B. (Before we go any further… we’d like to give a huge shout out to all of the awesome husbands & sons that get a ba-jillion good-guy points when they deliver these to their wives so be sure to share with the fellas in your life who may be needing a little help on what to do!)

Our Signature Mom + Me session comes to you with a delicious Boehm’s chocolate camera wrapped in a cute box & bow package that includes glam hair & make-up for two, a styled studio portrait session and keepsake gift print starting at $700. (experience can be customized — just ask for details)

Studio B Portraits_mothers day photo experience.jpg


The Mother’s Day Experience at Studio B Portraits

+ Celebrate and Pamper Her.  Remind her how beautiful she is by creating something special together. Let our glam team treat her to gorgeous hair & make-up that will have her feeling pretty inside and out.

+ It is a time to bond and simply be together. You know how rare it can be to have moments with Mom where you can be fully present in a carefree way.  In this day and age, you often have to intentionally set that time aside, and we think this is a really special way to do it!

Behind the Scenes of the Mother & Daughter Experience with Erica & Diane at Studio B Portraits.

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11 year old girl photographs little brother for Mother's Day

Not surprisingly, my kids have grown up in front of my camera. Welcome to having a Mommy as a professional photographer right?  Matter of fact, my oldest was crawling on a commercial studio set long before she could take real steps.  That being said, none of my babes has ever shown any real interest in picking up a camera that does not turn your face into a Snapchat puppy or grace you with an instantaneous digital floral crown. Haha.  And then, out of nowhere, my 11 year old daughter lays this one on me:

Ryann: "Mom I want to enter the talent show at school ...can I use your real camera? I don't want to be onstage I just want to make something...a picture maybe"

Me: (Playing it cool) "Um...sure...what are you thinking?"

15 minutes later... the both of them come down the stairs and she's got her brother dressed as a cowboy riding an old wrapping paper tube complete with a horse hat stuffed with t-shirts and a random string for his lasso. He couldn't have been more excited.

We headed out to a nearby field and to be honest, the only reason I even pulled out my iPhone was to capture the "behind the scenes" and show that she did it all... nothing from me. What I actually got was a gift -- a true Mother's Day gift.

After seeing this, you know my fingers are crossed that maybe I'm going to get a little photographer in the family after all!

4 year old dressed as cowboy swinging rope in a field
Cute four year old dressed as a cowboy swinging a rope and dancing in a field
Four year old little cowboy riding toy horse down the road