Mount Si High School Portraits

Fun Senior Pictures like this...Who wouldn't be smiling? | Issaquah WA

Senior-pictures-in-Issaquah-of-pretty-blond-Mount-Si-2012-girl-with-red-mustang-in-field-laughing2Senior-pictures-with-red-mustang-of-Mount-Si-Class-of-2012-girl-at-Studio-B Holy cats, if I looked like Mount Si High School Senior Sabrina and had her smoking hot red Mustang when I was 17 years old, I'm be smiling too :-)  We had the most gorgeous day to shoot and it was really fun getting to play with all of the different angles.   I was actually inspired to do this shot in the rear-view mirror after seeing a self portrait that King's HS grad Jenn Dame did of herself a couple of years ago.   (The image was so cool and I really loved how this turned out but I will not be crawling into the backseat of someone's ride again any time soon) Also added another sneak peak to our Facebook page.

Seriously I had to beg for this shot!

Best-Senior-Pictures-in-Seattle-of-boy-from-Mount-Si-High-School-with-his-puppy-dog-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah Cue the "Ahhhhhhh"  Love a boy and his dog together for senior pictures!!! (Some might remember Nick another favorite of mine from last season and it was well overdue for me to have one this year!)  Yep, I'm not to proud to beg, plead, gravel -- I really wanted this shot! REALLY wanted it since I saw Mount Si High School Senior Cameron post some candid pictures of his new puppy on his Facebook profile. As I've mentioned a couple of times this year...we don't own a dog (husband is allergic but he wants one anyway...we'll save that logic for another time)  I don't know how many times I put the camera down just so I could snuggle this cute little guy.  Big thanks to Cameron for indulging me :-)

Black and White Senior Pictures at Studio B featuring Mount Si Senior Elly

Talk to Mount Si High School Senior Elly for just a few minutes and your realize right away that she is a girl with a plan....a young woman with a calling actually.  Elly told me that she would like to be a missionary.  When we asked her to bring something personal to her senior photo shoot, she brought her bible and the most beautiful cross.  Since senior year is such a milestone and symbolizes a time of possibilities I immediately wanted to create a piece that Elly could look back on years from now and see where it all started.

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures at Studio B featuring Lindsey

Apparently Mount Si High School Senior Lindsey has an Issaquah Fan Club.  As we were shooting one fella after another kept honking their horns.  One guy leaned so far out of his window (while driving mind you) that I thought for sure he was going to rear-end the car in front of him.  Lindsey took it in stride, just laughed it off and it made for great shots!

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures featuring Morgan for Studio B Seniors

Meet Mount Si High School Morgan...the prototype for Guitar-playing Barbie (Well she could be right?)  What a beauty!  I am absolutely loving her little bohemian dress with the rainbow pops of color - so perfect for our summer senior shoot.   This shot of her coming out through the trees was one of my very favorites of this outfit because it looked almost tropical (amazing how we can transform downtown Issaquah, huh? :-))  SEE THE SHOOT

Senior Portraits at Studio B of Mount Si High School Senior Girl Dannah

The first thing you notice about Mount Si High School Senior Dannah when she enters the room is that she doesn't look like like your average 17 year-old American girl.  I don't know if it's the 80 pounds of blond hair or the really long super model legs, but seriously if she had spoken with some sort of fabulous Norwegian or Icelandic accent, I would have given her full buy in.   As it turns out -- she's from North Bend :-)  but as we all know -- it's not where you come from but where you're going. Loved photographing Dannah and I think she's going to be America's Next Top Model!  For more seniors and a look at our new Senior website visit Studio B Seniors online

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures Model: Cassady - Class of 2011

Pretty Cassady from Mount Si High School modeling another "Do" for the upcoming 2011 Senior Picture Season -- bright colors!  The bold citrus hue of this little eyelet top is a perfect compliment to  her sweet smile and casual denim look.  I could totally see this in the pages of Seventeen Magazine

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures Model: Erika- Class of 2011

Can you tell it's Spring at Studio B? Out with the gray --  I'm loving all of the fresh colors of the new season modeled by Mount Si beauty Erika.  With her shiny hair and perfect skin...we're lucky that Pantene and Neutrogena didn't snap her up before we did. Erika is modeling one of the bigger trends we're seeing for the upcoming 2011 High School Senior Pictures Season -- citrus colors and layered jewelry...check out the bangles

To check out more of our Class of 2011 Model Students" or to apply online, visit Studio B Seniors at

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures Model: Lindsey - Class of 2011

At the risk of sounding like a broken record -- the gals from Mount Si High School are absolutely gorgeous every year and Lindsey is no exception.  Lindsey had THE most awesome day for her modeling photo shoot and with the freedom to just play a bit -- she "model-walked" it out in her cute little pink and floral number.  Her outfit is the perfect example of stylish and doesn't always have to be painful and one of the best tips that I can share for great senior pictures is to just relax and be will show in every frame.  Lindsey is modeling several "Do's" for the girl's Senior Portraits  and it's all in the details. 1. Nails will show so get your hands right with a clear polish or fresh color. 2.  Think about foundations.  If you're shirt shows bra straps -- coordinate the colors for a layered look or grab a cardigan to play them down.  3.  Accessorize!  Jewelry, hair ties or bands pulls the outfit together for a "camera-ready" finish.  We've got more from Lindsey and more Senior Do's and Don't at