Senior 2011

Fashion-inspired Senior Pictures | Newport High School Beauty Lu | Photographed Outdoors near Bellevue, WA

Outdoor-senior-pictures-of-pretty-Asian-girl-in-grass_Lu_4003Professional-Model-senior-pictures-of--Asian-female-in-IssaquahOutdoor--high-school-senior-pictures-of-Chinese-teenager-on-stairs-with-flowerLu_4003 Newport High School beauty Patty is way more than just a pretty face.  This soon-to-be 2011 High School Senior graduate is headed for the Ivy League - YALE baby!  But at almost 6'2 in her high heels and this gorgeous model face, you might think she was en route to the runways of New York Fashion Week.  As you can see we had THE most awesome time photographing her senior pictures.  Clearly Patty enjoys her fashion and she did something that I love for senior portrait sesssions...she included outfits for every season -- a Spring floral skirt ensemble with a light camel boot, Fall Drill team look (double points for including a school activity, Winter snuggly grey turtleneck sweater and a fun Summer shorts look with tons of jewel tone colors.  Patty is great example of "how to have a great senior pictures photo shoot"  The session was just light, fun and joy-filled.  We also added a magazine inspired sneak peak of Patty on our Facebook page Want more high school senior picture ideas? Visit Studio B Seniors website.

This guy has style - Senior Pictures featuring Issaquah High School Senior Spencer for Studio B

"Totally polite and loves his mother."  (In case you were wondering) I just thought I should at least attempt to comment on something other than Spencer's movie-star good looks :-)  But really, why bury the lead. Loved photographing this Issaquah High School Senior -- the fellas are almost always easy going but it was Spencer's quick humor and relaxed confidence that made him a natural in front of the camera. Liked his shoot so much I actually added another one of his senior pictures to the contact page on the senior website. Oh...and since I'm already gushing, I might as well point out the great choice of outfits (I actually forgot to ask if this was his doing or his Mom's but either way -- kudos to the Warren House!) They got it just right -- for the guys, you can never go wrong when you choose something dressy, something everyday, something activity and something seasonal.  For more suggestions, check out the "details" tab of the Studio B Seniors website and take a peak at the featured portfolio galleries.

Issaquah High School Pictures photographed outdoors at Studio B Portraits featuring Dayna

Sometimes I look at a portrait and I'm  immediately struck by how much one of our Studio B Seniors looks like a celebrity.  That's exactly what happened for me here when I was certain I was looking right at Dancing With the Stars pro Juliana Hough. Issaquah High School Senior Dayna is going to be totally prepared for Facebook "Doppelganger Day" (For folks that may not be active on Facebook,  "Doppelganger Day" is a randomly chosen date that you  replace your Facebook personal profile image with the famous person that you most resemble.)

Skyline Senior Pictures at Confetti Cupcakes with Molly for Studio B Seniors in Issaquah

"I LOVE YOU Molly!"  That's what I shouted out the door as Skyline High School Senior Molly was departing the studio following her totally awesome senior photo shoot at Studio B. :-) Having photographed Molly before I knew that we could do something really fun and totally off the wall for her Senior photo shoot.  Big thanks to Confetti Cupcakes for the delicious and decadent cupcakes and for letting us shoot with you.  My very favorite shot is the one here on the top left where it totally looks like Molly stole that little girl's cupcake (she didn't...but the devilish grin tell a great story)  Want to see her entire photo shoot?  Of course you the show below!

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures at Studio B featuring Lindsey

Apparently Mount Si High School Senior Lindsey has an Issaquah Fan Club.  As we were shooting one fella after another kept honking their horns.  One guy leaned so far out of his window (while driving mind you) that I thought for sure he was going to rear-end the car in front of him.  Lindsey took it in stride, just laughed it off and it made for great shots!

Issaquah Senior Pictures featuring Tess for Studio B Portraits

Tess looks like the poster girl for summer, sweetness and happiness doesn't she?  This bright and colorful look was my very favorite of the day (which is saying a ton because I am shooting A LOT of film on these hot Seattle days :-))  On that note, thanks to everyone for your patience.  We're doing our best to make sure everyone's sneak peaks are coming up here, on our Fan Book Fan Page and also on the main Studio B Seniors website but if you don't see your feel free to send us a quick note!

Studio B Seniors presents Issaquah High School Senior Sam - Class of 2011

After so many years as a photographer, there aren't a ton of "firsts" for me but I had one with Sam from Issaquah High School.  We decided to photograph Sam on the FORD truck.  I always do some metering on the camera before we actually get started and I usually let the kids know that they should just relax while I'm getting everything calibrated.  Sam dropped her head to avoid the glare from the lighting, just as the breeze came up. This shot on the right was the very first frame I snapped of her that day.  LOVED IT from the minute I saw it.

Mount Si High School Senior Pictures featuring Morgan for Studio B Seniors

Meet Mount Si High School Morgan...the prototype for Guitar-playing Barbie (Well she could be right?)  What a beauty!  I am absolutely loving her little bohemian dress with the rainbow pops of color - so perfect for our summer senior shoot.   This shot of her coming out through the trees was one of my very favorites of this outfit because it looked almost tropical (amazing how we can transform downtown Issaquah, huh? :-))  SEE THE SHOOT

Creative outdoor Senior Pictures in the river with Issaquah High School Senior Maggie

Not to brag or anything, but Studio B Seniors has the reputation for delivering a really special High School Senior portrait experience. These senior sessions take a bit of  planning (and a obviously a "go for it" attitude for everyone involved) but they are a total ball. This senior photo shoot with Maggie was one of the coolest (literally) things I've ever done!  At a blazing 94 degrees outside we had the perfect day to really embrace the idea of getting wet.  As you might imagine we saved this walk on the wild side for the end of session so she wouldn't have to photograph her cocktail dress with a wet head :-)  For more from Maggie's session and a peak at our new Senior Portfolio Galleries check out Studio B Seniors online or connect with us on Facebook.

Senior Pictures at Studio B Portraits with Issaquah High School Senior Marina

Loving this glam senior photo shoot with 2011 Senior Marina from Issaquah High School.  And a BIG shout out to Christine of Christine & Carrie Salon for the fabulous J-Lo hair that she created for the shoot! (This fun and chic little salon is right next to Studio B and since it's just 5 steps from our door we suggest scheduling your "camera-ready" hair appointment about 1 hour before your photo shoot)  Marina came totally prepared for an awesome senior session with a great selection of outfits, accessories and her best (and might I say totally adorable asset) - Beatrice the Guide Dog Puppy!  At just 5 months she was so well behaved an unbelievably sweet (as evidenced here as she shares a little slurpy love :-) ) On a related note, for our die hard Studio B Seniors' Fans, we have a super cool announcement!  You asked for more pictures and we answered!  Check out the  Studio B Seniors website for our NEW image galleries -- we've added tons of senior picture inspiration!