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Professional Headshots for Modern Business Networking | Studio B Head shots, Issaquah WA near Bellevue

Portrait-studio-professional-head-shotsProfessional-headshots-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-outdoors As a business professional, you probably already know that you're supposed to be leveraging the power of social and professional networking (sites like Linked-In, Facebook and of course your own well branded website).  YEP, another thing on your "to do" list and this one requires that you put your best face forward.  Cue the collective groan :-)  If you need another little shove in the right direction to make this a New Year's priority for yourself, I thought I would share this awesome article that I recently read on the power of personal imaging for business networking.   It's an unrealistic goal for all of us to look like George Clooney and Halle Berry -- it's a better bet to be the very best representation of yourself (or as we say at Studio B Portraits "You on Your Best Day".  Realtor, Tony Gilbert of The Real FX Group is the most perfect example of completely getting it right!   We offer a couple of different Professional Head shot Sessions and for Tony we did a Portfolio Shoot that allowed for us to create both outdoor lifestyle and contemporary studio images that he would be able to use across multiple platforms - everything from traditional marketing and advertising to professional networking and online social sites.  To create a camera ready wardrobe style for the session, Tony worked with Jeannie Oliver over at StyleLab Seattle.  She created an impressive selection of day time casual layered looks and smart business ensembles that might have GQ knocking on Tony's door very soon.