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Weyerhaeuser Estate Wedding, Tacoma| Melinda + George

Weyerhaeuser Estate_Weddings by Studio B_Suarez_0260Weyerhaeuser Estate_Weddings by Studio B_Suarez_0254.jpg Weyerhaeuser Estate_Weddings by Studio B_Suarez_0256.jpg Weyerhaeuser Estate_Weddings by Studio B_Suarez_0255.jpg Weyerhaeuser Estate_Weddings by Studio B_Suarez_0251.jpg

First look at Melinda + George's Wedding!  The couple chose the regal Weyerhaeuser Estate and if you've never seen this venue before -- it's Old World European charm blended with the Northwest's most spectacular water view.  We were SO very honored to document this most special of days with the couple and as you would imagine -- the entire occasion was filled with smiles and laughter....EXCEPT -- for one short moment following the ceremony.  (Oh you know it's coming right?  The thing that cracked me up -- and then immediately made me have to take a picture to make sure NOBODY missed it for posterity)  Let me set the scene....  The bride and groom have kissed, walked down the aisle and been followed by the wedding party and guests to the adjacent courtyard to photograph group portraits with our fabulous associate photographer Anna.  I lingered behind until all of the guests had cleared thinking I'd get some detail shots when Flower Girl Ava comes running in with fierce determination...she wants her flower petals back (you know the ones that she dropped on the aisle and even some that had been there before she arrived ;-) -- that's right, she wants EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.  When the other kids came back to retrieve her for the family photos -- this reaction above was priceless!

Oh and before I finish for the day, I did want to show you one more of my absolute favorites of the couple that we posted on our Weddings By Studio B Facebook page....a gorgeous black and white portrait of the couple kissing in front of the water. LOVE it!

Wedding Portrait Session at Fox Hollow Farm

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0219.jpg Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0220.jpg Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0222.jpg Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0221.jpg Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0223.jpg Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0224.jpg

So you know how people have personalities (um, duh...I know that's what your thinking...but stay with me here)  -- my additional point is -- so do couples! Couples have an energy and dynamic that is completely unique to them as a pair -- and when I click with them...I know that the pictures are going to be just amazing before we've even begin.  Amy + Blake were that couple for me as we headed to Fox Hollow Farm on this beautiful sunny day.

The venue is just indescribably gorgeous and although I had visited with my family on weekends (side bar:  They do some amazing holiday events at Halloween, the Christmas season,  Baby Animals in Spring) - I had really never looked at it this way before.  The farm literally has full size peacocks just parading through the scene.  I posted an outtake here from one such "Peacock Photo Bomber" Moment for your viewing pleasure!

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Brides Headpiece: La Belle Reve
Floral:  Flowers For Anytime
Hair: Charina Malinak | Sorella Salon
Make-up:  Tiffany Penton | Studio B Portraits




Modern Vintage Inspired Wedding Portraits

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0068.jpg Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0071.jpg Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0069.jpg Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0070.jpg Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0072.jpg Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0067.jpg This was the most beautiful Spring day in Seattle that a bride and groom could wish for and Tiara & Kris were the most gorgeous couple that a professional photographer could hope to have in front of her camera!  Their Modern Vintage inspired wedding portrait session featured a color palette of champagne, blush and a touch of powder blue. I shared a sneak peek from behind the scenes earlier this week that was in black and white but it's NOW that you can see just how stunning this couple is in living color.  As always, the real beauty is always in the details -  bow tie & suspenders with a cuffed clean white shirt for him?  Intricate beaded bodice and shimmery  ivory meets peach dress for her? YES, Please!

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Dress: La Belle Reve Hair: Sorella Salon/Charina Make-up: Studio B Portraits/Tiffany Floral: Flowers For Anytime

Behind the Scenes: Modern Vintage Bride & Groom

Behind-the-scenes-modern-vintage-wedding It's fun to see how the magic happens, right?  Thought I'd share a quicky B.T.S (Behind the Scenes) snap before we do the big reveal of the gorgeous images from their Modern Vintage inspired wedding portrait session on our new Weddings By Studio B Facebook page.  That's Erin from Studio B on the far left desperately trying to NOT be caught by my lens and Brandon from Sorella Salon on the right getting our  Groom Kris and Bride Tiara perfectly ready for their close-up.  There is no other way to say it than this couple is SMOKING HOT together (Apparently the key is 5 years of dating to really get to know that this person is "THE ONE" for you ;-) )-- I mean you could feel the heat from 10 feet away -- We'll be sneak peeking some our favorites on our NEW Facebook page and speaking of that.... I would be so appreciative if you would be sure to go over and show us a little love by "LIKING" our new page - Just click here.

Bride: La Belle Reve,
Groom: Nordstrom
Hair: Charina & Brandon, Sorella Salon,
Make-up: Tiffany, Studio B Portraits