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Best Family Portraits in Seattle | Holiday Formal with Sophisticated Style | Studio B Portraits, Seattle

Great-Formal-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Seattle-and-BellevueSophisticated-couple-cuddling-during-holiday-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-PortraitsPretty-little-girl-in-black-dress-during-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah_2Pretty-little-girl-in-black-dress-during-family-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahGreat-holiday-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Bellevue-and-Seattle Hands down this has been my very favorite holiday family portrait season and the beautiful Momotyuk Family is going to be another illustration of why!  First....LOVE FORMAL -- bring on Louboutin, a gorgeous lace dress and a slick tux any day of the week! BUT I especially love formal attire when it comes with a flawless blend of warmth and light from the people wearing it.  Meeting Bogdan and immediately understand how much they like one another (I get that the four children might have been a tip-off too :-) ) -- there is such an obvious affection for not just each other but for their babes as well.  Each member of the family had a chance to be in the spotlight and it was just fun to get to play during their relaxed photo shoot.  YES, I said relaxed!  The beauty of having your kids be ages 6-12 is that the grown-ups don't have to break a sweat. (...A little something for all of you parents of young toddlers to look forward to, right?)  We also added another one of my family favorites from their portrait session on our Facebook page here

Artists Portraits...a new kind of Senior Picture!

These three talented artists Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, Sue G. Rose and Jane Mayer came across the water from Edmonds all the way to Studio B to update their Artist's Head Shots.  While we were walking to do our 2nd outdoor set up, one of the ladies mentioned that this was definitely a SENIOR portrait...a different kind than we normally do here but a senior picture nonetheless. Too funny :-)