baby boy in black checker shirt and red cap

Top Knots and Pink Prom Dress? Yes Please | Fashion Senior Pictures

Senior pictures of girl in pink prom dress and bun outside_Studio B_0185.jpgSenior pictures of girl in pink prom dress and bun outside_Studio B_0184.jpg

Hear that?  Yes, it's the stampede of senior girls with their prom, homecoming and formal dresses that will be descending on Studio B Portraits after seeing beautiful Brooke in her pretty pink frock twirling through the garden above and lounging in her silver throne -- (aka....the car tow-away-lot and antique chair that I spray painted with my eight year old daughter ;-) (haha)  We had such a great photo shoot and it was nearly impossible to pick what I was going to showcase because...I'm in LOVE with her top knot bun but -- this girl has 20 pounds of hair that even Rapunzel would envy.  How to choose?  Might just have to share more later :-)

8 Month Baby Boy Portraits with Wesley | Issaquah Baby Photographer

Wesley 8 mos_Studio B Portraits Brooke Clark_0089.jpg So I blinked and my baby boy is 8 months today. (snif) Wow...and he really knew how to get me -- all charming when he woke up this morning, flashing me his big 1-tooth smile.  He does this thing now where he pulls you really close and attempts to kiss your really lands more like an open-mouthed zurbit (for all of you Cosby Show watchers from back in the'll get that reference)...lots of moisture :-) ...but oh my goodness...LOVE him. Added one more of my favorites on Facebook here