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Beautiful Boho Chic Maternity | Studio B in Issaquah

Bohemian-Maternity-Portraits-in-Seattle_Studio-B-PortraitsBohemian-Maternity-Portraits-in-Seattle_Studio-B-PortraitsBohemian-Maternity-Portraits-in-Seattle_Studio-B-Portraits_Shute6 I know!  I know!...You just can't stop looking right?  At 35 weeks pregnant with (...wait for it) her 4th baby -- Summer is just the epitome of glowing & beautiful.  I know I should just dispense with talking any further because these maternity portraits say much more than a 1000 words....but I won't. :-)  (heehee)  Unbelievably -- Summer had never done a portrait session like this before -- cue the shock & awe because clearly she is amazing at it!  She had a very clear vision of her style...a natural bohemian goddess (my words not hers!) and Mom & sisters were on hand to help us create her look.  If anyone from the Free People company are reading this blog...I bet they are planning their maternity clothing line right now and would love to have Summer here --Of course...the Free People folks would need to get in line because this busy Mom is also a professional doula helping other "Moms-To-Be" bring their own bundles into the world. You can visit her website and learn more about Summer at Ritual Birth Doula