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Just Do It ...Zoolander that is! | High School Senior Boys Photographer

High School senior boy with vintage lacrosse stick_0157.jpg

Piggybacking on my earlier post about the difference in photographing High School Seniors boys versus the girls -- I just had to share this!  Issaquah High School Senior Jacob and I had a really cool shoot complete with some Abercrombie inspired images of him with his vintage lacross stick and one hell of a cool brick & stucco wall.  Me, his sister and his lovely Mom were headed back to the studio when this ultra cool 2016 Senior says... "Hey, can I try just one more thing...I'd like to do Zoolander blue steel?  "Um -- YEAH you can!" :D  For your viewing pleasure... please Enjoy! (Be sure to click the arrow on the Instagram video to get the full effect)

The One Moment I Always Wait For | Guy Senior Pictures

Cool senior pictures of boy in green t shirt and jeans_Overlake High School _Studio B Portraits_0113.jpg Cool senior pictures of boy in green t shirt and jeans_Overlake High School _Studio B Portraits_0114.jpg

There is a moment during every senior pictures session with high school boys that I wait for ...and when it happens I'm always hopeful that I'm actually holding my camera (preferably in some very good light :D  )  It's the occasion that it hits the boys that they are really having a good time.  I can see the instance when the tide turns and even thought they may not say it -- it's written all over their face.   You probably think I'm going to say that I see "Joy"... but NO, it's "Relief" -- as in... "this didn't suck as much as I thought!"  Haha.  I'm kidding... but really -- we are well aware that most of our fellas have not grown up dreaming of their moment in the spotlight ...not only is it understandable... it's quite natural.  My very favorite suggestion for any of our guys is to bring Mom, Dad or a buddy to the photo shoot.  Our "More the Merrier" philosophy is the secret weapon for getting relaxed expressions and natural smiles.  Oh and speaking of smiles... this shot of Trent from Overlake High School is just one of the many awesome portraits from his senior shoot...Mom made him laugh.  ;-)

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Guy Style | Senior Picture Ideas | Newport High School Class of 2016

Great senior pictures of guy in black sweater_Studio B Portraits_0074.jpgGreat senior pictures of guy in black sweater_Studio B Portraits_0075.jpg

We photograph a lot of senior guys and looking sharp is as important for the fellas as it is for the gals so we thought it would be helpful to do another senior spotlight on this popular topic.  Newport High School Class of 2016 Senior Ryan is showcasing an All-American look -- navy sweater layered over a white t-shirt paired with a dark wash denim -- instant classic.    The key to this look by the way is dressing head to toe... remembering to bring a belt and coordinating shoes for the most flexibility & overall variety.  We love that he brought his football for some action shots -- bonus points for that!

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Boy senior pictures outfit idea | Bellevue Photographer for Senior Pictures


Senior pictures of Bellevue HS boy in sweater and jeans_Studio B near Bellevue_0195.jpg

Just had to share this style idea for the fellas -- button down shirt, denim, sweater...cuffed sleeve detail -- YEP, loving it.  Doesn't hurt that Sam from Bellevue High School is super handsome and working the entire look like a pro ;-) Also posted another favorite on our Facebook page here from his outdoor set.

Baseball inspired senior pictures for guys | Bonney Lake High School Senior Boy Portraits

Guy senior pictures_Bonney Lake High School Baseball player_Studio B PortraitsGuy senior pictures_Bonney Lake High School Baseball player_Studio B Portraits_0154Guy senior pictures_Bonney Lake High School Baseball player_Studio B Portraits_0149Bonney Lake High School Senior and sports All-star Grant brought his ball and mitt so that we could create these  baseball inspired senior pictures during his senior photo shoot.  It was crazy town hot and like the true pro that he is...not one complaint -- and the fact that he brought his shades made the pitching shots that much cooler.  I wanted authenticity in the action sequences...but my only request was that he not "accidentally hit me" with the ball...I'm such a light weight!  For those of you that might want to stroll down memory lane...we also photographed Grant's beautiful sister Delaney back in 2012

Cool Guy Senior Pictures | Bad @ss Bass Guitar | Seattle Senior Photographer

Senior boy with bass guitar in tuxedo_Studio B Portraits Trevor is a talented musician with an understated cool that is further confirmed when you find out that he plays the bass guitar. (Let's be honest...bass, drums, sax...all inherently swag worthy instruments even before you play a note, right?)  I have to laugh at the twisted tale of shenanigans that it took to get to these great senior portraits. It began with forgetting the tux at home...hit mid stride with a wardrobe malfunction in the button department and ultimately landed us right here - looking NICE!  An excellent exclamation point on the "It's not how you start, it's how you finish" axiom.   Like what you see? Be sure to check out more of our Recent Senior Sessions here on the blog and also our "Best of" on our Portfolio.

My favorite kind of senior guy | Cedar Park Christian High School

High School senior boy pictures on a train_Cedar Park Christian High School Boy_Studio B Portraits_0399.jpgHigh School senior boy pictures on a train_Cedar Park Christian High School Boy_Studio B Portraits_0398.jpg

Chad is literally my very favorite type of guy to photograph!  The Cedar Park Christian High School Senior arrived SO prepared...I love that!  Varied clothing? - check.  Props that represent his interests? - Got'em.  Amazing Attitiude? - Oh Yeah.  Lovely Mom to ride shot gun? Priceless :-)  (On this last point...let me just say how much I appreciate when the fellas bring Mom, a friend, any cohort that allows for them to relax and let their personality really shine...this is a fun experience and it's cool to share it with folks that care about you)  One of my very favorite moments from Chad's session is this one directly above where he started cracking up and covered his face...we're not bringing world peace...but we are having a good time this senior season!

Great Guy Senior Pictures | Nathaniel for Skyline High School

African American guy senior pictures in shorts and white shirt_Studio B Portraits_0361 Honestly I just don't understand where the myth about senior boys came from -- trust me -- they absolutely want a fabulous senior pictures experience every bit as much as the gals! Admittedly...they may not be earmarking the pages of Vogue and practicing poses in the mirror...but they do want to look natural, relaxed and amazing for this huge milestone.  Mission accomplished for Skyline High School's Nathaniel, Class of 2015 :-)  He also had a fantastic studio portrait with his football that I just have to share with ready -- you are going to be smiling at the screen when you see this one!


All Smiles with Redmond High School 2015 Senior Boy

Redmond-High-School-Senior-Pictures_Studio-B-Portraits Redmond High School Class of 2015 Senior Nick is a total Renaissance see him here and you think -- All American kid (shoot, it even says as much on his t-shirt) but he's got a wide range of talent and interests that we also were able to showcase during his senior photo shoot.  He brought his entire drum set-up for one of his studio looks and while he was still assembling it I was able to capture this candid behind the scenes moment that really says it best.