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Great Senior Pictures | Holy Names Academy | Studio B Seniors

Best-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-are-at-Studio-B-Portraits-for-Studio-B-Seniors-in-Issaquah-by-Brooke-Clark Holy Names High School Senior Kennedy has one of those faces -- you know what I'm talking of those gorgeous faces that look like a celebrity....but WHICH ONE?  I hadn't even clicked a picture yet and I was already trying to figure -- I knew it had something to do with her awesome defined eyebrows (yes...that's how I roll...I'm starting with the eyebrows :-) )  Lucky for me, Kennedy helped me out -- I began by describing the actress and the movie.... "Um, you know the Snow White movie....the funny one, not the K-Stew's the gal that plays the lead..." In my babbling, Kennedy immediately says "LILLY COLLINS" and I"m like Yes!  Mystery solved. :-)  We had this gorgeous day  to shoot her senior pictures but I also fell in love with this awesome studio portrait that we posted on our Facebook page here.