outdoor senior portraits

Mini Cooper, Major Fun | High School School Senior Pictures | Redmond Photographer

Pretty-blond-high-school-senior-photographed-in-a-snow-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-IssaquahRedmond-High-School-senior-pictures-of-blonde-girl-in-winter-boots-and-beretHigh-School-Senior-pictures-of-cute-girl-with-her-mini-cooper-car Shooting with Katelyn and her cutey little Mini Cooper?  Major Fun!  And not that you could tell in looking here...but it was SO warm...not at all the weather that one would have hoped for when sporting this awesome knit cap and down vest but this Redmond High School Senior was a total pro and real trooper!  (What's a little sweat when you're trying to rock the perfect senior shot, right?)

On Location Senior Pictures at Newcastle Golf Club | Bellevue Portrait Studio

Outdoor-senior-pictures-of-boy-on-location-in-Bellevue-at-Newcastle-Golf-ClubHigh-school-senior-pictures-of-boy-at-Newcastle-Golf-Course-in-Bellevue Nothing like kicking off the morning at Newcastle Golf Club for my first senior pictures session of the day with Issaquah High School's Danny.  It's so pretty up there...even as I felt a "sploosh" from over head -- what?  Yep, that would be rain drops...the BIG soggy kind.  Are you kidding me?  Luckily we were able to get some really cool shots before Seattle got serious with it's weather pattern :-)

Senior pictures featuring Eastlake High School Girl Riley | Sammamish Photographer

Senior-pictures-of-pretty-girl-laughing-at-gate-by-Studio-B-PortraitsSenior-pictures-of-girl-walking-on-train-tracks-in-Issaquah-for-senior-pictures Riley from Eastlake High School has such an All American Girl quality....such a natural beauty but her blown out straight locks are anything but natural.   (think big time effort to get her naturally wavy hair to behave opposite its nature)  So as we were heading in from her first outdoor look, I felt a definitive drop from the skies...then another and I thought, "Really Seattle, now?"   Grabbed an umbrella and we headed out for this shoot on the railroad tracks but luckily -- didn't need it...false alarm, tragedy averted and gorgeous senior pictures. :-)

Sunshine + Paper Flowers + Pretty Senior = Gorgeous| Issaquah, WA Portrait Studio

Fashion-inspired-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-girl-at-Studio-B-Portraits-IssaquahPretty-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-suburb-of-Issaquah-with-Kings-High-School-girl-at-Studio-BKings-High-School-Senior-Pictures-photographed-outside-at-Studio-B Portraits in Issaquah WA Not sure I can adequately express just how thrilled I am to share the sneak peak images from MacKenzie's senior photo shoot. I know everyone is having a total love-fest with Seattle this week (me included) and when I found out that I was going to be photographing this pretty King's High School beauty, I just knew I wanted to do a little something special.  Something colorful, something outdoors, something that looks like it was torn right out of the pages of a magazine...but what was it going to be??? First I should probably preface, that not all my experimental ideas play out well, but when they do.. MAGIC!  I'll also point out that the wizard behind the curtain was the Chic Ink Etsy shop.  Heather, the owner of this fabulous boutique created these handmade paper flowers, ribbons and special event favors for us.  Most people use them at their weddings and parties...I hung them from a tree. :-) LOVE!

Penn State beauty Sarah bringing the snow to Seattle!

Oh she's all joy and sunshine when you meet her, but don't be fooled -- I'm convinced this Penn State beauty brought all that East Coast snow our way.  Just kidding of course...aren't we all actually blaming Steve Pool :-)  I had the best...and likely the coldest Studio B photo shoot with Sarah -- but she really couldn't have been more wonderful to photograph.  I don't care what I asked her to do -- her response was always "perfect!", "sure", "no problem!" -- Now if I could just get her to teach that kind of awesome attitude to my 4 year old.

Modern-retro senior pictures with Eastside Catholic Senior Taylor at Studio B

Meet Taylor -- -- taking it to a whole other level and defining a new genre of modern-retro in this awesome outdoor shot.  He is just another perfect example of why I LOVE photographing the Class of 2011 High School boys.  Creative senior pictures aren't just for the girls anymore; this new crop of fellas are completely into the photo shoots and their unique styles -- "try anything" attitudes make it really fun to just go for it!   To get this shot, I'm laying on the ground shooting up and Taylor is standing inches from the bumper as rush hour Front Street traffic creeps by staring at him.  Good times. :-)

Outdoor Senior Pictures featuring Eastside Catholic Class of 2011 Taylor

Eastside Catholic Senior Taylor walked into Studio B for her senior pictures without a stitch of make-up on and the first thing I noticed was her absolutely gorgeous eyes.  If you can be that pretty with a freshly scrubbed face... holy smokes what was she going to look like after our make-up artist Sara got her hands on her.  Well -- asked and answered -- loved this shot in front of the famous downtown blue door.