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HOLIDAY DEADLINES & ORDERING | Best Portrait Studio | Seattle, WA

Studio B Portraits Holiday Family Photography Sessions and ordering deadlinesFun-family-pictures-and-outtakes-at-Studio-B-during-the-holidays-near-SeattleBeautiful-childrens-portraits-for-the-holidays-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Bellevue-in-IssaquahBest-family-pictures-in-Seattle-at-Studio-B-Portraits-for-the-holidays-near-Bellevue Another awesome holiday family portrait session with one of my favorite photogenic families - The Wadlow's! But before I jump into our behind the scenes antics from their session, this is probably a perfect time to remind everyone about holiday gift giving and order deadlines.  I say it every year (so why stop now)...one studio, so little time for all of our elves to get your gifts ready for under the tree!  Please schedule your sessions and order your gift prints & products before December 7th for guaranteed holiday delivery!!!

And, back to the Wadlow Family...Can we give a huge round of applause for the truly fabulous wardrobe and styling by Mom Michelle! Oh...and this holiday photo shoot was as fun as it looks.  There is something about photographing a 2 year-old that is so completely unpredictable that it wouldn't be fair of me to just share the perfection that is this family of four.  Exhibit A.  Please note the awesome first family portrait...and then Exhibit B...just one snap later...you can see the TRUE personality of young Evelyn that just had to break out!  (Big sister Sophia was right on cue with the perfectly timed eye roll)  My final piece of evidence...please look closely at the portrait directly above and to the left..."what is that in her hands you might ask?"  Um, that would be the candy that I used to bribe our smiling little sweety into the chair :-)