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Baby Boy Portraits | 8 months and Growing |Bellevue Baby Photographer

Studio B Portraits_baby boy 8 months This was Tanner's 2nd photo shoot in his Watch Me Grow series (you can check out his 4 month photo shoot here) and at 8 months this baby boy was more than ready to pull out all of his new tricks for the camera! Check out the crawling, bubble blowing and sitting up -- impressive!!!

Reindeer Baby | Best Baby Pictures in Seattle | Portrait Studio Issaquah

Baby-boy-in-reindeer-hat at Studio B Portraits near SeattleHoliday-baby-portraits-of-4-month-old-boy-in-Reindeer-hat-at-Studio-B-IssaquahCute-baby-boy-in-reindeer-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Seattle Reindeer games with 4 month old Baby Tanner...doesn't come any more holiday delicious does it?  This is the first of three baby photo shoots that we'll be doing this year as we watch him grow and the thing that I love about this particular milestone is all of curiosity that comes with their new found awareness of surroundings.  While Tanner hadn't yet discovered his toes (give him a week or two) he was wildly fascinated with his own hands, my big lights...and most of all -- MOM smiling at him just off camera!

Classic baby boy portrait celebrating the BIG #1 | Issaquah Baby Photographer

Classic-portrait-of-laughing-baby-boy-in-jonjon-with-mom--at-Studio-BTraditional-baby-portraits-of-1-year-old-boy-at-Studio-B-Portraits You could get lost in the those big brown eyes couldn't you?  When Grandma scheduled  young Braeden's "I'm turning the Big #1" baby photo shoot she let us know that since she and the family are from the South that she'd like a "classic" portrait of her Grandson.  This charmer showed up in his monogrammed jon jon and tried to play shy for the first 5 minutes but of course he was soon to be all giggles with some well placed tickles from his gorgeous Mommy!

Adorable Baby Boy Portraits | If Only You Could Make them Like this at Build-A-Bear Workshop | Studio B Issaquah, WA

Adorable-baby-boy-in-a-bear-suit-photographed-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-bear-hat-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-monkey-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits It's actually a good thing that you can't just pop over to Build-A-Bear and make a cutey little bear or monkey as delicious as 8 month old baby boy Cruz or I might be rivaling Brad and Angelina for my new adoptions!  He seriously makes you just want to stare doesn't he...just look at those big brown eyes and crazy long lashes!  (Go ahead, he should probably get used to the adoration now :-) )  Want more of a baby fix, be sure to check out our Baby Pictures Gallery at Studio B Portraits Family Portrait site.

Swimmingly beautiful baby portraits with Ella Rose | Studio B Portraits in Issaquah

Best-baby-portraits-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-of-7-month-old-girl-in-swimsut-laughingCute-baby-portraits-in-a-swimsuit-laughing-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahSeattle-baby-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah Might be cloudy outside but 8 mos old Ella Rose is just pure sunshine in her red and whited striped bikini!  This was one of four outfits that we photographed and Ella was happily all about tummy time during her entire session (funny, because as I remember...tummy time was the surest way to tick off my own girls when they were mini).   If Ella is looking familiar, you might remember her from her first photo shoot (we're doing three Watch Me Grow Baby Love sessions this year). Here's a link to her first shoot.

Issaquah Portrait Studio | Beautiful 10 month old baby portraits featuring Evelyn

Baby-girl-professional-portraits-photographed-in-Issaquah-near-Seattle-Washington-at-Studio-B-PortraitsProfessional-baby-pictures-of-beautiful-10-month-old-girl-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah If you've been following our blog over the past year, you are REALLY familiar with this beautiful baby girl.  We all have been watching Evelyn grow for the last 10 months as we celebrate her first year Baby Love milestones.  (more if you count the awesome maternity photography sessions we did with her gorgeous Mom Michelle).  As you can see, Evelyn is the most sweet natured baby...curious too...that little ribbon on our paper chandelier from Chic Ink had her completely captivated!  How much do you love this awesome frilly dress (reminds me of the frosting on a cupcake).  I have to say...I LOVE all of the new outfits and adornments that have become available for dressing up the minis for their baby pictures but I'm not sure anything can compare to a naked baby and a pink tutu :-)...wait for it....okay -- click here

Sweet Baby Ella Rose | Professional Baby Photographer | Studio B in Issaquah near Bellevue

It's baby #2 for one of my favorite families - The Benjamin's - Jason, Heidi, and big sister Avery welcomed sweet little Ella Rose just a few short weeks ago and this was her big Studio B Portraits debut photo shoot.  Trust me, it's not lost on me that her Mommy brought a suitcase of gorgeous outfits for her to wear...and what did I do?  Stripped her down to a diaper cover and this amazing hand-made hat.  Just can't help that pink and perfect baby skin every time.

Looking for a bit of a Baby Picture fix? | Professional Baby Portrait Studio | Issaquah WA

If you're looking for a little "Baby Fix", this sweet girl is sure to do the trick!  At just 7 months Karalena showed off her new toe grabbing and tummy time skills.  Have to admit, there were times when a speck on the floor proved to be far more interesting than my shenanigans but luckily I don't offend easily :-)

Newborn baby portrait session with Evelyn and big sister Sophia

At Studio B, I usually get the absolute best version of your child -- it's especially true with teenagers but on this day with 6-day-old Evelyn -- truer words have never been uttered.  Mom Michelle called me from the car and I could hear their sweet baby girl loud and proud -- and not in the happy way :-(  I say, no worries come anyway and we'll see how it plays out.   Angelic, gorgeous, precious, perfection.  We learn early as parents that while we sweat it out, our children can slip sweetly through the madness perfectly poised...and still be ready for their close up.  To see images from the Wadlow Family's earlier maternity session click here