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Modern Family Portraits | Portrait Studio near Bellevue WA

Great Professional Family Pictures_Studio B PortraitsGreat Professional Family Pictures_Studio B Portraits_Stohler_0239Great Professional Family Pictures_Studio B Portraits_Stohler_0240 I love photographing families -- love it!'s only me and the Mom that are pumped up in the beginning...but by the end -- 99% of the rest of the family comes to the "This didn't suck" Surprise Party ;-)  Heehee.  What...are you shocked??? It's so true!  A couple of years ago, I was almost ready to change our tag line from "You on Your Best Day" to..."Your Family won't think it was as horrible as they originally thought" -- but frankly -- that was a bit wordy for a bumper sticker so we just stuck with what we had!  The Stohler Family brought a fresh and modern spin on the classics that just looks fantastic for our studio photo shoot.  I just adore their upscale casual look with the brothers in button down pattern shirts, Dad in a sports coat and...the girls...let's just pause and check out the ladies in their super sweet lace, denim and chocolate boots!  Not to be outdone...Pug, Pasha Spice she went with "vintage fur" for our sneak peeks here but let's be honest -- all eyes on her right?

Best Family Portraits featuring the Gomez Family | Studio B in Issaquah near Seattle

Studio-B-Portraits-great-picture-of-a-Mexican-married-couple-laughing-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-of-three-brothers-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-near-Seattle_Gomez__0928 Loved photographing the Gomez Family (I first met oldest son Joav when I photographed his senior pictures) and I have NEVER in my whole life wished that I paid more attention during my three years of high school Spanish than during this shoot. Why? I mean, everybody spoke English (duh) but when the family was chatting in Spanish it hit me that it was like a metaphorical double dutch rope...I simply could not jump  in :-)  (Sadly, my bilingual proficiency is limited to locating the restroom and ordering my quesadilla at Las Margaritas on Front Street.) that I've gone off on some silly side bar, let me bring it back to the Gomez Family!  We had a pleasant Seattle day that was not covered in sideways rain and wind so we took advantage of shooting outside.  These three boys were SO charming and polite -- I can only hope to raise my new baby boy to be so well mannered!  OH and -- BIG shout out to our Studio B make-up artist Tiffany for Mama's gorgeous camera ready make-up!

Totally Cute Childrens Pictures | Smiling Benjamin Sisters

Smiling-sisters-at-Studio-B-Portraits-photo-shootChildren-and-baby-pictures-photographed-by-Brooke-Clark-in-IssaquahPortrait-studio-pictures-of-laughing-children-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah_5248 Want a little sunshine on a gloomy Seattle day this January? (...if you are like me, you might have forgone the sunshine in exchange for a little artificial light from Puget Sound Energy)  But since that is beyond our control ...we'll all just look no further than the Benjamin Girls!  We have been photographing Baby Ella and Big Sister Avery since both of these sweet sisters were born and just looking at these cute portraits of them playing together just makes me smile.  Mom Heidi always has the most fun clothes and I loved this coordinated pairing of happy pink and green colors with a perfect little denim accent for Ella and sassy newsy cap for Avery.

Cool Like That with the Wood Family | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

Man-and-woman-smiling-during-outdoor-family-photo-shootSmiling-teens-at-family-photo-shootMan-and-woman-smiling-during-outdoor-family-photo-shoot Love the Wood Family!  And if they totally disliked me for making them tromp through the field in the rain, I really couldn't have blamed them...but NO -- they were awesome and made these killer shots!  The fact that we no sooner got out of our cars then it started coming down raining should have been my cue to turn back....but once again...NO, instead I yell  "Everyone under the tree...and we kept shooting!"  We had a total ball and after we wrapped the session I found out it was Mom's Kristi's "Soggy" Birthday.

Decorating with Family Pictures | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

It's like Christmas morning for me when I come into the studio and find awesome "Show Us Your Wall" Shares from our clients in my email inbox.  This one comes from the Schmitz Family. Decorating with family portraits is obviously a passion of mine and clearly it's Mom Marne's too!  Their living room features one of my favorites shots of all time -- their oldest daughter in the foreground, Mommy and Daddy blurred in the background.  We finished this piece in a weathered gray molding surrounding a  cream and navy double mat with a riser step so that the your eye is drawn to the recessed portrait.  The dining area features a four image portrait series that wraps around the room ranging from 14-30 inches in size.  This photo shoot was set with the beautiful city of Bellevue in the Fall as the backdrop.  Loved these so much that I created a similar canvas series as a display here at Studio B as well.

Senior Pictures in Issaquah featuring Tahoma High School student Brooke

Secrets a great accessory during a senior photo shoot.  Tahoma High School Senior Brooke had the most amazing accents for each outfit (like this sweet flower for her hair) that was a perfect compliment for her big chocolate brown eyes!  Also added another favorite to our Studio B Facebook page

Go'in Country with Senior Pictures featuring Griffin from Issaquah High School

We went country for Senior Pictures featuring Issaquah High School Senior Griffin.  I'm a sucker for a theme and really embraced the whole down home feel -- gotta love the wagon wheel accent with his cool shirt right? Like many of our seniors this season, this is my second go-around with the family for this big milestone (I photographed older brother Hunter for his senior pictures too)

Mount Si High School Senior Megan for Studio B Seniors

Studio B Seniors featuring Mount Si High School Senior Megan In my camera room, I have a 6 foot wall of fashion magazine images and celebrity poses that I use for inspiration during our senior photo shoots.  Mount Si High School Senior Megan and I saw this upside down feet up on the wall and decided to give it a go -- LOVED IT!  Also couldn't get over this awesome shot on the right with the back light of the sun filtering over her hair.

Modeling in Seattle

As a regular contributor to 425 Magazine, I'm always excited to see the latest issue of the magazine hit the stands -- I never know what shots are going to be selected for a given story so it's alway fun to flip through the pages and find my stuff.  This issue -- I photographed with Alexandra Hedin for the entertaining and style piece.  Trust me when I tell you this girl can throw a great party!  Also, loving that I get to re-introduce--Redmond High School Senior Rashmi.  After photographing her Senior pictures last Fall, I just knew she had something really special. Rashmi shared that she was interested in modeling so we thought we'd kick her career into gear by featuring her in our full page spot. Not only is she our featured model in425 Magazine, she is also a working professional now -- we made the introduction and she was signed by one of the local Modeling Agencies.

Since living in Los Angeles  and specializing in photographing new faces for Ford Modeling Agency's youth division I frequently get asked by parents of crazy-cute kids and teens about how to get started in the modeling business here in the Seattle.  Given the number of corporations based in the Northwest, I don't think anyone is surprised to hear that there are lots of opportunities.  Sure there are the obvious fashion names - big shout out to Nordstrom :-) -- but companies like T-Mobile, Expedia, Microsoft all have campaigns that feature  local talent.   Navigating the sea of modeling scams and internet information can be tricky  so I was thrilled to see this awesome piece from King 5 Featuring Seattle Model Guild's Kristy Petersen. SMG is a great agency with a 30 year history in Seattle.  If you have an interest in the modeling business this interview with Kristy is full of details and information.