Cool Senior Pictures of High School Swimmer

Senior pictures are special (to state the absolute obvious) so we do a lot of preparation prior to our shoots.  I had photographed senior portraits for Izzy's brother Jacob a couple years back and now that it was her turn -- we really wanted to bring it.  Spoiler alert -- Izzy's sport is swimming (forgive me...it's Saturday, super sunny outside and clearly I'm feeling a little silly)  The finished portrait had to showcase her strength, beauty and dedication to swimming so of course I did what every good photographer does... Googled GQ, Sports Illustrated and Vogue Magazine for inspiration.  As you probably know, they have done spectacular features with Olympic and professional athletes but when all was said and done it was Izzy herself that brought the most perfect inspiration - herself.

For more Senior Pictures inspiration be sure to check out our senior gallery at www.StudioBseniors.com We also posted the most awesome video of Izzy here on Instagram. She is so gorgeous!

Camera Ready Hair + Make-up: Sorella Salon  Goggle: Speedo Swimsuit: Jolyn