New Headshots for your Entire Team | Studio B Portraits photographs on location at Grand Hyatt Seattle

Image is everything and branding is important but honestly, what is the best time to update headshots for your entire team? All-hands meetings and conferences are a great way to check the box. The staff at tech company Chef - jumped on the opportunity to refresh their imagery for the company executives, team coordinators, and assistants during their annual conference in Seattle. The opportunity to shoot at the newly opened Grand Hyatt Seattle was a visual dream come true for our Studio B Team…we couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing at the sophistication of the environment, which perfectly complimented the trailblazing energy of the Chef team.

Studio B Portraits_professional executive headshots grand hyatt seattle.jpg

Our cutting edge clients know the power of having contemporary imagery that represents their brand, and in our experience, this starts with cohesive headshots for your entire team! We know that each individual is a valuable player in the game and each contributes to the whole in a unique way, and that is exactly what we capture in our on location Corporate Headshot Sessions - strong imagery that matches your brand identity, fueled by the unique personalities that pour their heart and soul into your company.

Studio B Portraits_professional corporate headshots grand hyatt seattle.jpg

Having your professional corporate portraits taken on location is a fabulous way to capture the spirit of your business and create relevant images to be used for your website, blog, and other marketing endeavors. It is a step that you don’t want to skip in your journey of developing your brand identity!

Studio B Portraits_on location corporate headshots at grand hyatt seattle.jpg

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