Why Your Senior Experience Deserves Better Than a Snapchat Filter...

Okay everyone, real talk: Snapchat is great (who doesn't love a good voice changing filter, I mean c'mon??) but what makes your Senior Portrait Experience different than simply taking fun photos with friends? 

Best of Studio B Girls Beach Chic Senior Portraits.jpg

I. Camera ready hair and makeup = no filters needed!  Not only does it feel simply divine to be pampered while a professional hair and makeup artist styles you to perfection, but the expertise and tools of the artist will allow your natural beauty to shine in a way that reads beautifully on camera.

II.  Four wardrobe changes allow for creativity and expression!  Your Senior Portraits are about capturing your spirit in this season of life, and fashion is such a fun way to make a statement.  From fabulously formal to street chic, there is room for you to express all sides of your rockin' personality!

III. One day your kids will flip through your book of all your favorite portraits and say "Wow, mom was a BABE when she was my age!"  You can store a memory in Snapchat for awhile, but you can remember the thrill of your Senior Year forever when you reminisce through your favorite images. (I know, I know - I sound like I'm a thousand years old, but one day you'll appreciate letting your kids rave about you...hehe)

When it's time to celebrate all you have accomplished, it's time to make it special.   Let us spoil you!


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