Are you CEO of your personal brand?

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.
— Tom Peters in Fast Company
Fun Fact: When we ask prospective clients to give us headshot and personal branding samples that they like in our  Studio B Headshots portfolio , Chief Client Officer and resident “Storytelling Ninja” for  WE Worldwide, Dawn Beauparlant  is at the top of the inspiration list. Her contemporary personal brand communicates confidence, leadership, and warmth.

Fun Fact: When we ask prospective clients to give us headshot and personal branding samples that they like in our Studio B Headshots portfolio, Chief Client Officer and resident “Storytelling Ninja” for WE Worldwide, Dawn Beauparlant is at the top of the inspiration list. Her contemporary personal brand communicates confidence, leadership, and warmth.

It’s no secret that as your career grows and changes, professional images that speak to your expertise and deliver your intended message have never been more important. Whether you are launching or leveling up, your digital handshake in the business world sets the tone for what people can expect from you.

Studio B Headshots_beautiful woman business professional headshots.jpg

THINGS TO CONSIDER: What are your core values, skills and objectives with your personal brand? How do you want to be perceived by your ideal client or employer? Thinking about these questions will help you properly prepare and allow you to communicate your vision as head marketer of YOU.

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Ready for a refresh?

Love From Our Clients | Corporate Headshots with Philips

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the team at Philips Healthcare any more…they write us the sweetest five-star rave review on Yelp!

Five Star Review from Leigh at    Philips Healthcare

Five Star Review from Leigh at Philips Healthcare

I know we will forever be a fan of the Philips team! Talk about adding a bit of wow-factor to their brand identity…bringing us on location to photograph their team personalized their portrait session by featuring their business space.

Studio B Portraits_headshots with Philips healthcare Bothell.jpg

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Let your corporate headshots speak to your personal brand identity!

Want to know the secret to adding a bit of WOW-factor to your corporate marketing strategy?

Here's our #1 secret to adding a dose of WOW-factor to your corporate marketing strategy: keep your imagery curated to your personal branding with an on-location corporate session for your team!

We recently had the privilege of working with Philips in Bothell, and their team of professionals knows that staying at the top of the game means having marketing materials that are as cutting edge as the services they provide!

Studio B Portraits_Corporate Headshots_Philips_0935.jpg

Nothing will make your team's headshots stand out from the crowd quite like imagery that reflects not only their individual personalities but also the uniqueness of your workspace.  Don't take our word for it - keep scrolling to check out these contemporary headshots of the Philips team! 

Philips_Best of Studio B Portraits On Location Outdoor Headshots.jpg

Another perk of bring our Studio B team into your workspace is that we are able to offer both Corporate Headshots Sessions as well as more extensive Portfolio Sessions when your business executives are in need of variety within their imagery.  Our Portfolio Session allows for multiple outfits and a combination of portraiture and lifestyle photos, which are popularly used in business campaigns. 

Pro tip: lifestyle shots also bonus as personalized stock photography for your marketing usage!

Pro tip: lifestyle shots also bonus as personalized stock photography for your marketing usage!

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How to get amazing headshots and personal branding images even when you are NOT photogenic.

Let me guess "you are not photogenic and you hate having your picture taken?" As a professional photographer, this is brand new information and I for one am shocked.  (Kidding of course. we hear this on the daily at my studio and it is with great confidence that I can tell you -- it truly does not matter because frankly, that's my job not yours. That being said, there is ONE thing that matters a lot and if you want to get amazing headshots and nail your personal branding for LinkedIn, social media and heck... even online dating - you've got to be able to answer the following question...

Studio B Portraits_Brooke Clark_Contact Page_mark-web.jpg

What does your business headshot say about you?

What do you want people to think when they see your photo?

Yep, there literally is just one game-changing question that I need you to address honestly and thoughtfully before we begin.  "Who do you want to be in this photo?" In other words, what do you want people to think about you when they see your headshot and branding photography? Are you in sales and need to be friendly and engaging? Are you an experienced pro that desires to look contemporary or an upstart that needs to look more seasoned? (You get where I'm going with this, right?)  It's important to understand that this is about creating your desired first impression - that split-second impact that a great image creates in the viewers mind.  Answering this question authentically will then give your photography team everything we need to get you picture-perfect.

For Headshot inspiration, here's a quick link to our Business Portfolio and if you'd like more tips, tricks and articles about preparing for your Headshot or Personal Branding shoot, click here.

The Power of "Thank You" | Game Changing Client Appreciation

With Professionals Week right around the corner, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite corporate clients inspiring us to be better.  We recently photographed headshots at the offices of Da Vinci Dental  in Bellevue for their annual "Smile Party" and the client appreciation event had everyone... yep, you guessed it... smiling.

From the Trophy Cupcakes to to the warm hugs and laughter, you would have thought that this was a family reunion... not a trip to the dentist.  A lot of businesses have big talk but it's clear that this family owned practice understands the power of a genuine thank you in creating a successful practice..

Da Vinci Dental patient smiling in Bellevue_Studio B Portraits.jpg

For more professional headshot inspiration, be sure to check out Studio B Headshots portfolio

Is It Time to Refresh Your Professional Headshot? | Professionals Week March 12-16


Is It Time to Refresh Your Professional Headshot? Let our team help you put your best face forward. We're celebrating business professionals everywhere during our upcoming Professionals Week - that time of the year when our Headshot Special becomes even more amazing! 

Our all-inclusive Headshot Special portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary headshot.  Your twenty minute session includes a wardrobe change, choice of studio or outdoor sets, magazine quality retouching and a digital file with unlimited reproduction rights.  Mention Studio B Portraits promo code PWS18 when you call to receive $25 off your session.

Need a little inspiration for your headshot session? Check out our video below or view our gallery of business professionals!  if you are ready to schedule CONTACT US to reserve your session now.

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425 Business Magazine feature on Men's Style with Godfried Addae

We had the pleasure of photographing style super star Godfried Addae for 425 Business Magazine. His advice for nailing a warm-weather business casual look for men has us running not walking to get our fellas ready for Summer days at the office.

425 Business Magazine_Mens Warm-weather business casual

During an editorial shoot, the session is very collaborative. We're just playing and trying a variety of things that will best showcase both the subject and the styling.. What can we say about Godfried? ...This gentleman is magic on camera! Loved these two shots that didn't make the printed edition and just had to share! 

425 Business Magazine_Mens Style_Godfried Addae

Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt Provost

Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt ProvostInterview with Britt Provost Senior Vice President of Human Resources | Apptio
Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt ProvostInterview with Britt Provost Senior Vice President of Human Resources | Apptio

Headshot advice and insight from an actual Human Resources head-honcho? Um, YES please.  The closest I usually come is reading everything I can get on the subject.  To that end, would you be surprised to hear that a recent study reported that 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview?  I'm going to guess that you are not actually shocked because even for those of us that are not in human resources -- we're doing our own due diligence and research for everything from sales presentations to professional networking.  It's just "Good Business 101."

If you have ever read my blog -- you know that I find this topic fascinating so when I had a chance to photograph an executive headshot session with Britt Provost, Apptio Senior Vice President of Human Resources, she and I started really discussing her professional perspective.  (Then it hits me as we are changing the lighting and the set -- this woman is absolutely brilliant - and sadly... NOT on video or with a microphone.) If you could just picture the mad scramble as we mic'd her up and started rolling... it was a little crazy-town but we did manage to get her professional opinion on the topic of headshots, executive presence  and the 3 types of pictures that should NEVER be on your LinkedIn profile.

For those that don't have three minutes to watch the video...this was one of my favorite questions & answers.

Any headshot advice for business professionals for what to avoid on your LinkedIn profile?

"If you are serious about the work you do and your profession, you should have a photo, bottom line. No party pictures, No wedding pictures, No drinking pictures. A really nice, simple professional photograph that represents who you are is best. "

Britt talked about her own professional journey and coming to the realization that

"It's not about being perfect... it's about being current"

She pointed out that a picture from 1980 is not credible and it does not send the right message.  After our photo shoot, of course my mind was racing and I was sure that some awesome person had likely written something in depth on this topic.  I found this great article from Entreprenur Magazine that shared 7 Tips to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Picture Is Helping, Not Hurting, Your Prospects - and I hope you find it helpful.

Here's a quick link to more headshot advice, tips, tricks and articles that I have written.  For samples and inspiration of professional headshots of people that are total "Do's" feel free to check out our portfolio here ;-)

Dancing Dentist...Behind the Scenes Outtakes of our Professional Headshot Shoot

Da Vinci Dental Dr. Keller outtakes and behind the scenes at Studio B_0276.jpgIf ever two guys deserved to go viral -- it's this awesome duo - brothers Dr. Andrew Keller and Dr. Beau Keller from Da Vinci Dental in Bellevue. I already knew their offices were high tech and impressive but I have to tell you the big bonus was their dance floor moves. The live video is posted on our Instagram here and it was such a added bonus to what was already such a fabulous headshot portfolio session with these dashing doctors.

Before they were leaving...I knew we had these amazing outtakes and I asked permission to show which they answered immediately "YES, no problem!" The thing that is so cool about Dr. Keller (x2) is that they fully understand that patients choose them for who they are as people and letting their personality shine through is paramount to building their successful family business.

This girl always makes me smile | Owner, Chic Ink-Heather Hildebrant | Issaquah WA

Best headshot in Bellevue_Chic Ink Owner Heather HildebrantChic Ink Owner Heather is literally one of my very favorite people to have in front of the camera...and actually to spend time in the most general sense :-)  This day we were refreshing her headshot for her company's 2016 marketing and branding (They design the most delicious hand made invitations and paper creations for weddings and special events and if you don't know them should ;-) ) I have photographed her so many times...and you want to know why she is cracking herself up here on the right?  I told her that I was setting up the lighting...not doing real images yet (a very common thing for me to share with people when they are on set btw.)  She cut a look over to my assistant off set and said "I know her trick...she is actually taking real pictures, I'm on to her!" -- Um...and she was right of course -- because when she threw her head back and started laughing... this was one of my favorite shots!

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