"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" Words of wisdom from fighter Mike Tyson. Might be one of my favorite quotes ever by the way and so very true on this shoot day! Our proverbial one-two punch was not to the face on the day of our Masud Family portrait however, but rather a Seattle right hook of massive rain! I know what you are thinking "What, rain? Seattle? - shocking" But hear me out... we do have some very pretty winter days that while cold.... are still dry and gorgeous. Today was not one of those days. Soooo... Plan B was put in motion... and by plan B, I really mean Studio B -- we simply did the entire shoot inside our Issaquah studio and it could not have been any more perfect. (aka warm, dry and wildly photogenic)

contemporary family portrait in studio
contemporary family portrait in studio
Issaquah portrait studio family picures of cutest family ever!
Issaquah portrait studio family picures of cutest family ever!
Great upscale family pictures in studio at Studio B Portraits
Great upscale family pictures in studio at Studio B Portraits

Shout out to Mom Mikaela for her A+ styling of all her fellas and one delicious little princess. The textures, the layering, the color coordination...just exceptional. (And inspiring for all of the Mom's looking for wardrobe ideas for their own family pictures!)

Baby Faces with Avery 5 months

Baby portraits of 5 month old girl in tutu_photographed by Brooke Clark at Studio BBaby Faces 5 months is SO fun and Avery is showing us why! The first year milestones for our baby girl were on full display as she smiled, rolled, and executed her perfect tummy-time moves. 

Getting Dressed Since the babes spend a great deal of time on their back and tummy. I like to recommend that we focus on skin and accessories... keeping outfits as simple as possible so that we highlight personality and expressions.  YES, there are a ton of great outfits to come, but those are best for the 8-9 month shoot where baby has mastered sitting un-assisted and pulling up to a standing position.

Favorite Photography Style Ideas for Babies (age 4-5 months)

For Girls: Tutu's, headbands, pearls

For Boys: Diaper covers, blankets, hats

One Year Baby Portraits with Unicorns + Rainbows

one year portraits with big confetti balloon and cake one year portraits with unicorn one year portraits with balloons one year portraits cake smashOne year baby portraits don't get any better than unicorns, rainbows, and balloons. So much love for this sweet baby girl's first year birthday photo shoot! But weren't we just photographing her newborn portraits yesterday?... Now she is walking, laughing and cake surfing like the big girl that she is!!!

And on a complete side cute is her cake? Almost seemed like we shouldn't smash it -- it was just SO pretty and in the beginning... our birthday girl seemed to agree.  Mommy was just outside the camera's lens prompting her and sampling to get her going. (As you can see... she did come to the "cake is delicious party")

Style By Season | Summer Family Portraits

Style By Season featuring family in Burberry for Summer photo shoot in Issaquah Fun Summer family pictures in Issaquah park of family wearing BurberrySummer is synonymous with outdoor family pictures here at Studio B and since "what to wear" is always at the top of the list of questions that come up when planning -- we're launching our "Style by Season" series. For each of the features we'll be highlighting "Pinterest-worthy" wardrobe ideas for your portraits.

Today we're featuring the Tong Family in a cheery palette of pattern and color.  Love Mom in her happy yellow A-line dress and seriously how darling are the girls in their Burberry dresses?  Dad's button down shirt and casual denim adds great contrast to the ladies and comfort for him to easily play in the park for our Issaquah shoot.

Pro Tip:  Young and active families keep the focus on fun when clothes move easily and shoes are comfortable (...or off)

Oh -- and for anyone that knows me...I am obsessed with celebrity style and fashion magazines so BONUS -- I started a Pinterest board just for Family Wardrobe and Posing Ideas.  I'll be updating it and I'd love for you to connect with me and share your inspiring pins too!

Modern Family Portraits with your Puppy

Modern family portrait in the studio with puppy boston terrier dog Modern Family Portraits with your Puppy Boston Terrier DogBoston terrier dog wearing blue flower bow around neck and laying with toddler girlSuper rainy day instead of sunshine and on tap is modern family portraits in the studio with your puppy Boston Terrier, baby girl and energetic boy? YES, please! -- Wait (looking around) -- am I the only one with my hand up? Heehee. No seriously... I have learned over the years that THIS is the precise reason  why we have an awesome studio. No sunshine, no problem.  We headed inside for lots of snuggles, a little Spiderman Super Hero action and a ton of fun.  On a side note, this was a really exciting family portrait session for me to photograph because the last time I had this lovely family in front of my camera... they were a family of three!  Here is a quick link to our blog post and images from that shoot. So wonderful getting to meet their new addition.

Artistic Maternity Portraits with Mom and Daughter | Seattle Portrait Studio

Artistic maternity portraits of mother and child_0243.jpgArtistic maternity portraits of mother and child_0242.jpg OMG. That's the first thing that goes through my mind every time I see my client Ausra. She is legitimately the most glowing and stunning pregnant person I have ever met.  This is baby #2 and I was beyond excited to get to photograph this portrait with her beautiful daughter.  (Yes there is a lovely Daddy too and we shared a sneak peek on our Facebook here as well ;-) )

Sparkling Fire sticks + small children ...what could go wrong? (Haha) | Clark Family Christmas Card

Formal family holiday portrait using sparklers to write Be Happy in front of house by Studio B Portraits_0232.jpg
Formal family holiday portrait using sparklers to write Be Happy in front of house by Studio B Portraits_0232.jpg

Awe... The Clark Family Christmas card.  It seemed only fitting that I take what could have been an easy family portrait and make it complicated.  It went something like this...

"Oh I know Babe -- sparklers! Let's write with sparklers!!!  The bigger the better.  I just learned that they make 3 foot sparklers... how about we buy a boat load of those?! Let's be honest, how could flaming sticks of fire in the hands of our young children possibly go wrong?" :D

To his credit, my husband Glenn did not even flinch. (We've been married quite a while... he knows the drill by now and resistance is futile) We loaded up all three of our kids and we headed to the party store in search of my latest  great idea and we were in business just 5 SHORT HOURS  later.  (Haha)

Fast forward a month and cut to me and my entire family freezing on our front lawn in a "Winter is coming...31 degree temperature" trying to make this brilliant idea a success.   Looking back, I honestly, have never laughed more looking at one of our cards.  Here's what I will always remember -- 1. My son would not let me put him down the entire shoot.  2. My 11 year-old daughter kept dancing in silly gyrations in an attempt to stay warm and 3. The delight my middle kid enjoyed when she realized her amazing good fortune that she had her own personal Harry Potter wand.  (I already know that these are going to be some of my very favorite holiday family memories for 2015 ...not so much our numb toes and fingers...but the rest was pretty awesome)

Since many of your families are coming home for the holidays, this is always a really popular time for us to see you here at the studio.  If you are hoping to book between now and the New Year, here's a quick Contact Us link to check remaining availability. If you'd prefer to slip something under the tree for that person in your life who just loves pictures -- here's a quick link to our awesome Ready to Give - Gift Box

Sweet holiday family portraits with baby girl | Family Pictures Photographer in Issaquah

Cute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0220.jpgCute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0221.jpg Cute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0219.jpg

Yes, it's the holiday season, but this family portrait was inspired by this sweet baby girl turning the BIG #1. Originally, Mom and Dad had thought that the session would center around just their daughter but watching how delicious she was in front of the camera made everyone want to be joiners.  Side note...I am DYING over this Baby + Daddy portrait -- someday I just know it will be a favorite for her too!

Family Portraits + Holiday Card Special | Best Portrait Studio in Seattle

Family Portraits + Holiday Card Special at Studio B Portraits near Bellevue WA in Seattle area
Family Portraits + Holiday Card Special at Studio B Portraits near Bellevue WA in Seattle area

It's the official launch of our November, K.I.S.S (Keep It Studio Special). We know you want spectacular Holiday Cards and Portraits whether it showers or shines on the day of your photo shoot and this is the perfect one stop portrait session.  No need to worry about Seattle rain because our special includes

  • Pre-session wardrobe consultation
  • One full studio portrait session
  • 24 custom designed holiday cards on metallic shimmer paper (flat style)
  • Social Media version to “show & share” with online friends
  • $100 print credit


  1. CONTACT US to Book your “K.I.S.S” (Keep It Studio Special) Holiday Family Portraits.

Generations of Love | Modern Family Pictures Seattle Portrait Studio

Family portraits of generations in studio wearing black and white_0192.jpgFamily portraits of generations in studio wearing black and white_0193.jpg Family portraits of generations in studio wearing black and white_0191.jpg

This is what 40 years of marriage can create.  Loved photographing this generations portrait featuring the Brunsch Family :D  I want to go on record by sharing that their sweet new addition slept like 90% of the session and none of the flash popping or passing around even stirred him in the slightest (where was that kind of sleep when I had my own three kiddos #BitterPartyOfone )  For more family portraits, be sure to check out our gallery