Celebrating ONE | Baby Portraits with Maverick | Seattle WA

Oh my my, how time flies! We first photographed the Salamancas for maternity photos for their oldest baby…and now seven years later, little Maverick has joined the family! Cuteness just runs in their genes. And never have we ever seen a baby eat a cake with so much gusto! Maverick wasted no time in celebrating his first birthday…

Celebrating ONE with Maverick | pc:    StudioBportraits.com

Celebrating ONE with Maverick | pc: StudioBportraits.com

I told you, the cuteness just overflows with this one! If only it were as precious for all of us to eat our cake with such joyful abandon…hehe.

Cake Smash with Maverick | pc:    StudioBportraits.com

Cake Smash with Maverick | pc: StudioBportraits.com

I’m pretty sure we will blink again and it will be time for Maverick’s senior portraits. And when that time comes, you’d better believe that we will pull out these photos to remind him that he’s always been cute as can be (of course at that point, we will have to change our verbiage and tell him that he’s handsome…strapping…manly, you know!)

Studio B Portraits_cute baby in suspenders cake smash issaquah.jpg

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Check out how the Salamanca family personalized their home with a custom Watch Me Grow wall portrait design using their favorite images from over the years!

Top Three Tips for including Props in your Senior Portraits

How do you bring the heat without losing one ounce of glam for your Senior Photos? We took all kinds of pointers from miss Erika in her sassy red dress and with her mad soccer skills!

As if we weren’t already wildly impressed with the way this Eastside Catholic senior moved so beautifully in front of our camera, she took her photos to the next level by incorporating a prop that was meaningful to her. And the result was something totally chic! Keep reading to see our top takeaways from Erika’s fabulous look…

Studio B Seniors_beautiful brunette in red dress issaquah senior photos.jpg

No. 01 = Professional hair and makeup styling is a must. Your senior experience is a once in a lifetime event, so why not indulge in something a little luxurious? Our team of professional stylists are ready to bring your beauty dreams to life…whether that is a fresh, natural look or smoky eyed glam. A camera ready face is different than a street ready face, and our style experts will know just how to highlight your natural beauty!

Shout out to our makeup artist Alicia and our style partners at Sorella Salon for Erika’s gorgeous look! If professional styling is a new experience for you, don’t fret! Check out our behind the scenes makeup video to catch a glimpse into the process!

Studio B Portraits_beautiful girl in red dress bellevue senior photos.jpg

No. 02 = A pop of color is a fabulous statement! We are firm believers that the world needs more color, which is why we are in love with Erika’s red dress. Sleek and perfectly fitted, this outfit is anything but simple. If you’re looking to incorporate a splash of your favorite hue in your senior portrait experience, find a color compliment your skin tone and hair color to really create a look that will stand out from the crowd.

Studio B Portraits_senior photos with soccer ball red dress.jpg

No. 03 = Personalize your senior experience with a prop that represents something you love! We are total fans of the natural energy that came from Erika’s look when her soccer ball was brought onto the set. Not only did we get to witness her skills in action, but we now know it is possible to stay flawless while staying totally in control of a soccer ball (a feat that we would NOT be able to personally pull off, let me tell ya).

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3 Steps to a Beautiful “Watch Me Grow” Family Wall Portrait Design | Seattle Portrait Studio

One of the special privileges we have here at Studio B Portraits is the opportunity to grow with our families as they add to their numbers. We have been photographing the lovely Salamanca family since Jennifer came in for maternity photos with her first baby. Fast-forward seven years, two more kiddos, and numerous Family Portrait Sessions to the present day! Our most recent project was the custom design Watch Me Grow wall in the Salamanca home, and we are in LOVE with the way it documents each stage in their family’s life.

Studio B Portraits_custom designed wall portrait series bellevue.jpg

No. 1: Measure Your Wall. One unique aspect of the wall design process is that we use simple snapshots of your actual home to customize a design that is mocked up to scale with beautiful portraits from your session. That way you can view your design options in real time during your order appointment rather than relying on your imagination to visualize your space. Follow our step by step tutorial to take snapshots of your space without hassle!

No. 2: Pick Your Prints. For those who have been collecting gift prints over the years of all your favorite moments, this is a beautiful way to display a timeline of your growth as a family. As you move through your home, you’ll literally be taking a walk down memory lane!

No. 3: Trust the Experts. From selecting your frames to match the style of your decor to personal home installations, the Studio B Team is happy to help every step of the way!

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2020 Model Team | Brand Influencer Bryan | Apply now!

“It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down; it just matters that you get up one more time.”

It’s clear that Bryan lives by this quote, and we’ve seen his energy and perseverance demonstrated in the short time we have had the opportunity of working with him on our Class of 2020 Model Brand Influencer Team! (Pro Tip: scroll to the bottom of this post for details on how you can join)

Bryan_Studio B Portraits_Class of 2020 Senior Model Team-2web.jpg

As the face of Studio B Seniors at Eastside Catholic, Bryan is involved in National Honor Society, as well as wrestling, football, and track and field. On top of that, his dream job is to be a biologist! Bryan credits Von Miller’s pre- and post-game wardrobe as his current style inspiration.

Bryan_Studio B Model Team 2020.jpg

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Is It Time to Refresh Your Professional Headshot? | Professionals Week 2019



Is it time to refresh your look?

Is it time to refresh your professional headshot? Let our team help you put your best face forward. We're celebrating business professionals everywhere during our upcoming Professionals Week - that time of the year when our Headshot Special becomes even more amazing! 

Our all-inclusive Headshot Special portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary headshot.  Your twenty minute session includes a wardrobe change, choice of studio or outdoor sets, magazine quality retouching and a digital file with unlimited reproduction rights.  Mention Studio B Portraits promo code PWS19 when you call to receive a BONUS black and white digital file when scheduled between March 25-29, 2019.

Need a little inspiration for your headshot session? Check out our video below or view our gallery of business professionals! 

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2020 Model Team | Brand Influencer Starlyn | Apply now!

This girl is absolute MAGIC in front of the camera! But before we share our favorite moments from her photo shoot, if you’re looking to join our Class of 2020 Model Team, scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for details on how to apply (spoiler alert)!

Ok, now all eyes on miss Starlyn representing Issaquah High on our elite team of Brand Influencers!

Starlyn_Studio B Portraits_Class of 2020 Senior Model Team-2.jpg

It takes all of 2 seconds of being around Starlyn to fall in love with this girl! She spends much of her free time killin’ it with her dance team, and we totally see her gracefulness as a dancer translate beautifully in front of our camera! She’s a natural. And quite the fashionista…Starlyn is inspired by the edgy style of Kendall Jenner.

Studio B Portraits Model Team_Shute_1209_square-2.jpg

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Spring into the Studio for your Family Portraits

What do you do when Mother Nature reflects our typical PNW gray skies on the day of your photoshoot when you were hoping for blooms and sunshine? Well, if you are the Wadlow family, then you simply bring all things light and bright indoors to your studio session! We have been photographing this sweet family since maternity photos for their second daughter Evelyn, and ever single time we see them, they outdo themselves with their trendy styling. This year, their studio portraits were inspired by all things springtime and fabulous!

The Wadlow Family | pc:  StudioBPortraits.com  | Issaquah WA

The Wadlow Family | pc: StudioBPortraits.com | Issaquah WA

A round of applause of Michelle’s fabulous styling of her family in preparation for their annual portraits! Keep scrolling to see our top three takeaways from the Wadlows when it comes to making sure every family member is dressed to the nines…

The Wadlow Sisters | pc:  StudioBPortraits.com  | Issaquah WA

The Wadlow Sisters | pc: StudioBPortraits.com | Issaquah WA

No. 01 = Embrace TEXTURE. The silkiness of miss Evelyn’s dress combined with the fur of her sister Sophia’s coat is as close to perfection as it comes! And can we just give a shoutout to Charles’ blue suit jacket on top of his striped pink shirt?! Varying textures read well on camera and are fun to coordinate in your styling process, so let loose and let the textures carry you away!

No. 02 = Embrace COLOR. Gone are the days of matchy matchy with every family member rocking the same shade of blue. For a contemporary spin on color coordinating within your family, think complimentary - colors that play well together without having to be repeat in every person’s outfit. Determining hues can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to incorporate something bold in your styling. Michelle’s fabulous pink dress is a WOW statement in all the right ways! (Pro tip: don’t be afraid to turn to Pinterest for color palette inspiration!)

No. 03 = Embrace INDIVIDUALITY. Our favorite part of the Wadlow’s styling is how each person gets to rock something totally unique. From Charles’ amazing suit jacket to Michelle’s drop dead gorgeous dress, Evelyn’s florals to Sophia’s killer jumpsuit…everyone gets to wear a statement piece!

Studio B Portraits_beautiful family with daughters spring studio portrait.jpg

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New Headshots for your Entire Team | Studio B Portraits photographs on location at Grand Hyatt Seattle

Image is everything and branding is important but honestly, what is the best time to update headshots for your entire team? All-hands meetings and conferences are a great way to check the box. The staff at tech company Chef - jumped on the opportunity to refresh their imagery for the company executives, team coordinators, and assistants during their annual conference in Seattle. The opportunity to shoot at the newly opened Grand Hyatt Seattle was a visual dream come true for our Studio B Team…we couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing at the sophistication of the environment, which perfectly complimented the trailblazing energy of the Chef team.

Studio B Portraits_professional executive headshots grand hyatt seattle.jpg

Our cutting edge clients know the power of having contemporary imagery that represents their brand, and in our experience, this starts with cohesive headshots for your entire team! We know that each individual is a valuable player in the game and each contributes to the whole in a unique way, and that is exactly what we capture in our on location Corporate Headshot Sessions - strong imagery that matches your brand identity, fueled by the unique personalities that pour their heart and soul into your company.

Studio B Portraits_professional corporate headshots grand hyatt seattle.jpg

Having your professional corporate portraits taken on location is a fabulous way to capture the spirit of your business and create relevant images to be used for your website, blog, and other marketing endeavors. It is a step that you don’t want to skip in your journey of developing your brand identity!

Studio B Portraits_on location corporate headshots at grand hyatt seattle.jpg

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Dream Portrait Getaway in San Francisco

Studio B is getting away to San Francisco and you are invited! Thinking Golden hour in the Golden Gate City could be magical? We do too! Join us for a Dream Portrait Getaway in San Francisco. For details read on!

Cover slide.jpg

Ready to get dressed up and go on an adventure? We’ve created a dream session that will begin with professional hair & make-up and end with you snuggling in front of the the San Francisco skyline. Did we mention the part where you are kissing on a cable car, strolling through the Palace of Fine Arts and making memories together? Yeah, we’re doing that too.

As of today, we have two sessions remaining (June 8th & 9th at 4PM). Session fee is $1500 and includes:

  • Professional Hair & Make-up

  • Transportation to and from the session (guided tour style)

  • Custom portrait session

  • Choice of Framed Wall Art (or $500 print credit)

  • Bonus - Behind the Scenes Video for social media

Studio B Portraits Dream Session_San Fran_0263.jpg

San Francisco

June 8-9, 2019

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2020 Model Team | Brand Influencer | Anna representing Issaquah High

You know those people that you meet in real life that are so fabulous that you assume they just stepped out of a fairytale? Meet Anna, aka the doppelganger of Disney’s Merida.

As a model on our Class of 2020 Brand Influencer Team, Anna represents Issaquah High. If you’re interested in joining our elite team of Model Brand Influencers, keep scrolling to apply!

Studio B Portraits_Class of 2020 Senior Model Team_Anna.jpg

Not only does Anna have the most fabulous mane of red hair we’ve ever seen, but her sweet and strong personality won our hearts right away. This girl hopes to work in secondary education as an English teacher or be involved in the business world post-high school. In her free time, you can often find Anna involved in some way, shape, or form in the theater world - whether action, writing, directing, or producing. She credits Madison Beer as her current style icon and loves to shop at Urban Outfitters.

Studio B Portraits_Olsen_1209_sq.jpg

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